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Deshun Deysel - Global Speaker, Thought Leader, Moderator, Peak Performance Toolkit™

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I  have been an International Speaker for the past 20 years. I've addressed hundreds of audiences in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, Qatar, And 12 different African countries over the years. My audiences have included, CEO's, Executive Directors, Women in Leadership, Entrepreneurs, Youth in Leadership and a host of other groups.

My motivational talks draw from my experiences as a high altitude mountaineer and as a woman in mainly male dominated environments. My mountaineering career spans 5 continents and 14 expeditions, with 2 expeditions to Mt. Everest and 3 to Mt. Kilimanjaro. I have helped groups with Strategic Thinking, Leadership Development as well as general Engagement and Inspiration of the workforce. Climbing Mt. Everest, and the analogy it provides, has proven to be an effective method of helping audience members visualise the challenges they're facing - in overcoming challenges, staying focused, staying motivated and also d…