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7 Keys to Success

I recently participated in a business television programme, which highlights the work of international speakers and business coaches. The host of the show asked me what I would deem 7 things that successful people do. The show is aimed at small business owners (like myself) and it hopes to inspire and equip those in the SMME sector to strengthen themselves and their teams to reach greater levels of effectiveness.
Once the show is live, I'll make sure you get to see it!
So, herewith my 7 Keys to Success.

1. Vision - it’s been said so many times that the word vision itself has lost a bit of sparkle, but the truth is; human beings are designed in every way to pre-programme ourselves with “what we want” before we create the drive and energy to get there. High performance people go a few steps further. They write it down, give themselves a time frame and create a general plan of how to get there. They still stay flexible, because life isn’t static. Countless studies have shown that those …