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2016 is here! Now what?

5 ways to maximise your new year.

I've been so reluctant to admit it to myself, but it's time to officially come to terms with the fact that the holidays are over! Here in the wonderful warm climes of the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas holidays are a lot different to the snow-covered Christmas tree and reindeer images everyone in the Northern Hemisphere grew up with.  For us it's sand and sea all the way!

There's a little piece of me which hankers to the lazy wake-ups, late breakfasts and long hours on the beach with a nice book, while occasionally peering over the edge (of the book) to see if the kids are still okay. Life is like that, isn't it; ever-moving, flowing from one space to the next, from one energy to the next. And, although I dragged myself here kicking and screaming,  it's time to embrace the space and energy I'm in now. The new year is in full swing and there is not turning back!

Climbing big mountains is lot like that too…