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3 Reasons you Run out of Steam - and How to Maintain Momentum.

How to Maintain Momentum

I recently had a coaching conversation with a high performance person, in which she came to the startling conclusion that she's burnt out! After a bit of exploring, we realised that she probably just feels like she's running out steam.  What is the difference, you might ask?
Well, according to wikipedia (occupational) burnout is characterized by exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced professional efficacy within the workplace. It goes further to say that: "The job-demands model of burnout proposes that burnout is influenced by job demands and job resources. Job demands are the physical and psychological costs of work, such as work pressure and emotional demands. Job resources are organisational aspects of the job that help employees manage job demands". 
When we probed further into where she perceived the burnout to be, it was more in relation to her personal life and household, than her professional life - although the two can be very intertwined.