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Achieve a Peak Performance Mindset

How do high altitude mountaineers think?
As a person who has had the privilege of climbing some of the world's highest peaks in some, quite gruesome conditions, I have had to, on many occasions,  watch how climbers respond to the goals they set and the way they make decisions under such high-risk circumstances. For instance - In 1996 Mt. Everest experienced its worst disaster in the history of people trying to summit. This event was so cataclysmic that the book Into Thin Air has been turned into a Hollywood movie and several TV off-shoot series. It chronicles the choices that were made (and not made) which gave rise to the big disaster.
I was there. South Africa had sent it's first team to climb Everest and we were on the mountain during this time. Some people survived, some didn't. So, what are the positive decisions made, which helped the SA team fly the South African flag at the top of Mt. Everest, while other teams retreated?
The effective thinkers were able to natura…