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Failing Forward

5 Amazing benefits of Failure.

Failure can seem so final. It can mark the end. The end of an endeavour, the end of a relationship or the end of a dream. It has the power to knock us out cold. It may even feel like we may never recover. 
Take a moment to reflect on one such failure. What was it about? How did you feel while it happened? More importantly, how did you recover from it?

This last question is a vital technique to employ if you want to build toughness within yourself. Looking to past failures, not to dwell on how awful it made you feel, but to remind yourself of how well you recovered from it. Thus, failure can teach us a number of valuable lessons...

1. It teaches us how to not do things
Amazingly this is one of the most valuable lessons a person can learn. Did you know that human beings have wanted to fly since the beginning of time? The first experiments with flying were based on the assumption that, you only need a pair of wings. After all, there were plenty of birds in the a…
5 Ways to train your brain for Peak Performance. 
The reason this blog is called [s]PEAK Up! 
1. To focus on the idea of going UP, like a peak (Mountain)
2. To enforce the idea of speaking in a way which raises your gaze and therefore your performance.

A major focus of our work at Deshun Deysel & Associates, is to bring home the idea that our thoughts govern our actions and repeated actions culminate in our performance. Therefore, does it not make sense to find the best way to manage (or indeed master) the art of thinking effectively? The topic of effective thinking has been covered by numerous experts, like Daniel Goleman, Martin Seligman, Carol Dweck, Viktor Frankl and others. In fact, these concepts have become mainstream since the worldwide popularity of 20th Century icons like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs spread everywhere. My aim here is to simplify theory and make the concepts digestible for us mere mortals.

The myth of successful thinking - If I can dream it, I can do it!
Sure t…